Aryan Regency
- The Himalayan Hospitality

Our Rooms ...

Family Suite -
Luxury personified ! And the best part about this luxury is that it comes at an affordable price. With enough rooms for the family, the suite features a modern new look with 'innovative' elegance and every convenience. It is an absolute perfect for a family holiday. Take back with you memories of quality time spent with your family and friends.

Deluxe Room -
Looking out of the windows at the mountains with the sun setting beyond the horizons, you'll become aware of nature in all its bounty, nature that is more beautiful than any man made invention. And what would be better than having snow on these shimmering Mountains under the gaze of the setting sun. It has to be seen to be believed!

Rooms -
All the rooms are perfectly equipped with modern comforts. A perfect combination of beautifully dressed beds, well designed furniture's, big comfortable and hygienic bathroom with 24 Hour hot and cold running water to make your stay luxurious and memorable. Here you can discover yourself in an eco-friendly surrounding of hospitality. Local climate conditions also play a big role in supplementing a comfortable stay.